Bor Burison was the King of Asgard, son of Buri, father of Odin, and grandfather of Hela and Thor. He was responsible for the defeat of Malekith's and the Dark Elves' army during the First Battle of Svartalfheim.

He was succeeded to the Asgardian Throne by his son Odin following his death in a war.

Real Name: Bor Burison

Species: Asgardian

Gender: Male

Portrayed by: Tony Curran

1. Thor: The Dark World

War with the Dark Elves

Bor Burison was the previous king of Asgard, before his son Odin, who, during the last Convergence, led the Asgardian army in an attack against Malekith and his army of Dark Elves who intended to utilize the power of an ancient weapon known as the Aether to return the universe to an eternal darkness.

Bor was able to use the Bifrost Bridge to steal the Aether away from Malekith, effectively taking away their power. In an attempt to survive, Malekith dropped several ships carrying his people onto the Asgardian army, killing many and distracting Bor long enough to escape with the remnants of his army.

Death and Legacy

Some time after the war against the Dark Elves, Bor fought in another war, which cost him his life. His throne was taken over by his son, Odin.