Minn-Erva is a Kree sniper and a member of the Starforce.

Real Name: Minn-Erva

Species: Kree

Gender: Female

Portrayed by: Gemma Chan

1. Captain Marvel

Under the orders of the Supreme Intelligence and Ronan the Accuser, Minn-Erva and other members of the Starforce were sent on a mission to rescue the Kree Soh-Larr from Skrull captivity. However, the mission was sabotaged by the Skrulls. Minn-Erva and the Starforce eventually located and captured the defected Kree warrior Captain Marvel and her friends.

As Minn-Erva and the Kree prepared to kill Nick Fury, Goose, Maria Rambeau, and the remaining Skrull refugees, Captain Marvel freed herself from the Supreme Intelligence, defeating Minn-Erva and the Starforce in combat, allowing enough time for Rambeau to pilot her ship. Minn-Erva finally attempted to eliminate Captain Marvel's new allies, only for Rambeau to shoot and destroy her ship, killing her in the process.