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Daredevil is attacked by the public and media, and Karen is unable to convince Nadeem that this was not the true Daredevil or that Fisk was behind the attack. When she tries to do the same with her boss Mitchell Ellison, he tells her to reveal who Daredevil is or quit.

Karen later asks her father Paxton if she could go spend some time at home with him, but he says no. Foggy believes that he has worked out what Fisk is planning. Matt, angry that he put his friends in harm's way and worried about the skill of the pretend Daredevil, visits Melvin Potter, the man who created the Daredevil suit. Potter confirms that Fisk forced him to create a copy of the suit, and reveals that the pretender was an FBI agent.

Potter then tries to frame Matt as the Daredevil who attacked the Bulletin, but Matt manages to escape the arriving FBI agents. After investigating Evans, Nadeem begins to believe that Fisk is manipulating them, but has no proof of this. At home, he is confronted by Matt who explains that the Daredevil attacker was a pretender and an FBI agent.