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Ward escapes the hospital and goes to the penthouse, and tries to get Joy away from Harold. Bakuto and his operatives arrive, with the former shooting Joy and giving Danny half an hour to arrive at the penthouse to save the Meachums.

Against Davos's objections, Danny decides to go and arrives before Bakuto can decapitate Harold (which would kill him for good). Danny uses the power of the Iron Fist to fight off the Hand operatives as Davos and Wing arrive to help. Wing confronts Bakuto, overpowering him but refusing to kill him. Danny also refuses, but Davos does it.

An enraged Danny attacks Davos and defeats him, but spares him. Davos reveals his jealousy that Danny was chosen to be the Iron Fist, and his rage that Danny abandoned the sacred duty of the Iron Fist to protect K'un-Lun. Davos leaves.

Danny and Wing find Bakuto's body missing. Harold and Ward take Joy to a hospital. The next day, Ward warns Danny that he has been set up by Harold, just as DEA agents arrive at the dojo. Danny and Wing fight them off and escape.