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Dex is investigated by his superiors after he claimed to kill two Albanians in self-defence during the transit attack while evidence indicates that he may have killed them in cold blood. Fisk saw him do the latter, but lies about this to the FBI and later explains to Dex that he is thankful for the agent's actions and has sympathy for the situation.

Foggy, unhappy with Matt's demands, tells Karen that Matt is alive and then is convinced by his girlfriend Marci Stahl to run for district attorney against Tower to focus on Fisk and try defeat him that way. Foggy gains the support of the NYPD, who view Fisk as a "cop killer". Karen continues her investigation, and finds the name of a man involved in the company that bought the hotel: Felix Manning.

Matt impersonates Foggy to enter the prison, and learns that Fisk had paid the inmate, Jasper Evans, to attack him so he could convince the FBI to move him. With the Albanians' help, Matt fights off inmates and guards working for Fisk and escapes the prison, but is driven off a dock by an unknown taxi driver.