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Danny continues to train with Colleen and learns to overcome his anger towards Davos. They rescue Mrs. Yang and hide her at the Bayard Community Center. She and the Golden Tigers make peace around a plan to kill Davos.

Walker wakes up and watches Mary's video about their time in Sokovia. Walker notices an inconsistency with Mary's story and realizes that she may have a third, much more violent personality.

Joy convinces Davos that he needs to sell himself to the public so that he can be more likable, but in actuality she teams up with BB to retrieve the bowl. She also calls Ward to get him to purchase the abandoned spot Davos is hiding in. Realizing what Joy's plan is, Ward hires Walker to protect Joy from Davos, agreeing to recover files about Walker's time in Sokovia as payment. Davos kills Henry Yip after wrongly accusing him of being in league with the Golden Tigers.

This prompts Ryhno to reject Davos, but he is killed by another gang member, leaving all of the gang except BB loyal to Davos. After another sparring match, Danny reveals to Colleen that he had become addicted to the Iron Fist power and believes that she should claim it from Davos rather than himself.