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Harold takes control of Rand Enterprises. Rand and Wing go to the academy, now abandoned by the Hand, where Gao reveals that Harold masterminded the plane crash that killed Danny's parents. Ward tells Joy about Harold's actions, and she confronts him about it.

Harold denies framing Danny, and Joy decides to leave. Ward allies with Danny, Wing, and Temple to help defeat Harold. He goes to Rand Enterprises, where he is wounded by Harold, but is able to find evidence of Danny's innocence.

Temple creates a distraction so that Danny and Wing can infiltrate the building, and the pair are able to fight off Harold's operatives. Danny follows Harold to the rooftop, where they fight. Ward arrives and shoots Harold, who falls from the building to his death.

Ward has the body cremated to ensure he does not return. Joy meets with Davos, who tells her that Danny must be killed. This is overheard by Gao. Danny convinces Wing to accompany him to K'un-Lun, but they arrive at the gate to find it shut off from the Earth, and surrounded by Hand bodies.