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After falling unconscious, Danny wakes up in the penthouse. Harold explains that the cancer which he "died" from was secretly cured by the Hand, who demanded his loyalty in return and allowed him to reveal the truth only to Ward.

Harold asks Danny to destroy the Hand in order to free him, and orders Ward to accept Danny's return to the company where his return is announced in a press conference. In a board meeting, Danny uses his position as the majority shareholder to enforce his decision to cheaply sell a newly developed drug in order to save more lives.

At his apartment, Joy is attacked and wounded by Triad operatives, whom Danny overpowers. He takes her to Wing's dojo before confronting the Triad leader, Yang Hai-Qing, who holds a grudge against Joy for taking the pier.

However, he stands down when Danny reveals the involvement of the Hand. As a reward for securing the pier, the Hand allows Harold to remotely observe Joy. He sees that she has been wounded, and is allowed to kill the Triad member responsible.