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Two Hand operatives interrogate Harold, who fights them off with Danny's help. Harold kills them, and has Ward dump the bodies in a river. Danny begins to develop a romantic relationship with Wing, and starts investigating his father.

Gao arrives at Rand Enterprises, advising Danny to stay out of her way. Danny sees her discussing business with a Rand employee, and later convinces the latter to leave the city and give him her password.

Danny and Wing persuade Yang to help them fight the Hand, while Joy convinces Ward to take a break from the company. In a board meeting, Danny announces his decision to close the Staten Island plant while keeping the workers on payroll; the board decides to oust Danny, Ward, and Joy.

Danny, Wing, and Yang's operatives attack a Hand facility, where a dying Radovan reveals that Gao has departed for Anzhou, China, where Danny's family was going when their plane crashed. Harold discovers Ward's plan to leave and takes his money; Ward confronts his father, and kills him, dumping his body in the river.