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Davos uses his new Iron Fist power to attack the Golden Tigers triad and kills their leader Ho. Ho's right hand man, Chen Wu, switches his allegiance to Davos to help rid the city of its crimes. Walker releases a gravely injured Danny and films him for Joy.

Afterwards, he is captured by Ryhno's gang, who plan to hand him over to the Golden Tigers for money. Davos tells Joy that their work together is not finished, forcing her to contact Walker for help. Concerned about Danny's disappearance, Colleen and Misty search for and eventually rescue him from Ryhno's gang.

Ward has Bethany tend to Danny's wounds, and later he and Danny have a heart to heart talk. Colleen and Misty head to Joy's apartment and discover that she is working with Walker. Misty and Colleen take Joy and Walker to Danny and Colleen's apartment for answers.

In a flashback, Davos' mother Priya berates him for losing the Iron Fist to Danny, and Davos swears to redeem himself and leaves K'un-L'un.