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I Want Your Cray Cray is the seventh episode of the second season of the television series Jessica Jones, and the twentieth episode overall.


Flashbacks shed new light on the aftermath of the family's car accident and reveal a painful turning point in Jessica's adult life.


Years earlier, after Brian Jones and his son Phillip are killed in an accident, his wife Alisa and daughter Jessica are rushed to hospital. Dr. Leslie Hansen secretly takes them to IGH. Jessica is saved and returned to hospital in 20 days, but Alisa's injuries are severe and her treatments take years, altering her looks and causing increased strength and extreme mood swings. Jessica is adopted by the Walkers, but grows away from her foster family over time especially after her adopted sister Trish becomes a drug addict at the beginning of her pop star career.

Intent on seeing Jessica, Alisa escapes IGH by killing a nurse and severely injuring Green. She finds Jessica living with a new boyfriend, Stirling Adams, but sees him apparently attempt to exploit her and kills him in a fit of rage. Returning to IGH, Malus promises Alisa that he will cure her of the side effects. Adams' death leads to Jessica re-connecting with Trish, helping her become sober. Now, Jessica refuses to forgive Alisa and attacks her; Malus renders Jessica unconscious with a sedative.