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Before, Karen postponed going to college because she knew that her father and brother would not be able to run their family diner after her mother died from cancer. Despite this, Karen grew bored of her small-town life and started selling drugs to students with her boyfriend Todd.

One day, Kevin revealed to Karen that he had re-enrolled her in college, something that Paxton wants to celebrate with a family dinner, but this leads to an argument and Karen runs off with Todd. After getting drunk and high together, they return to the travel trailer where Todd lives to find that Kevin is burning it down. Todd attacks Kevin, and Karen injures Todd with his own gun to stop him.

She quickly drives Kevin away, but crashes. Kevin dies in the crash. The local police chief covers up Karen's involvement, and Paxton asks her to leave. Now, Karen is hiding in the church when Dex arrives, dressed as Daredevil, to kill her. Choosing between saving Karen and lying in wait for Fisk, Matt races to the church and helps Karen drive Dex off, but not before he kills Lantom.