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Danny refuses to return to K'un-Lun until the Hand is destroyed, and Davos questions his motives. He and Davos visit Temple, where she is able to remove the shrapnel of Bakuto's weapon from Danny's wound but does not have the antibiotics required to control the infection.

Wing arrives and tries to reason with Danny. She tries to prove her feelings for him by using her connection to a Hand member at a hospital to get antibiotics for his wound. Danny goes to the penthouse, where Joy has discovered that Bakuto has been transferring Rand Enterprises's money to his own accounts.

Harold decides to kill Bakuto, and formulates a plan to flush him and his operatives out of the compound by having Joy freeze their accounts. Danny agrees to help Harold kill Bakuto, but Joy is against this.

The Hand captures Wing and takes her to the compound, where Danny and Davos wait for Bakuto to emerge. Joy freezes the accounts as Wing frees herself and escapes. Danny rushes to Wing rather than waiting for Bakuto, revealing his feelings for her to Davos.