Life of the Party - Agent Carter 2.6
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Life of the Party is the sixth episode of the second season of the television series Agent Carter, and the fourteenth episode overall.


When Peggy realizes she cannot save Wilkes on her own, she turns to her most unexpected adversary for help while Whitney makes a move to control the deadly Zero Matter.


Jason Wilkes has begun to disappear from the human world and enter into another dimension, a nearby rift beckoning him to enter. Wilkes desires to enter, but when he hears Peggy Carter calling his name, he is brought back to the human world. Wilkes explains what occurred to Carter and Jarvis and they decide to make a containment device for him to stay tangible; however, Wilkes needs mass to be contained.

Carter, in incredible pain, meets with Daniel Sousa to explain her plan to get a sample of the Zero Matter-contaminated blood of Whitney Frost to infuse into Wilkes so that he can be tangible, but Sousa has her realize that she is in no condition for such an assault. Carter and Sousa free Dottie Underwood from FBI custody to help them.

The plan is for Edwin Jarvis and Underwood to enter the fundraising party of Calvin Chadwick, prick Frost with the Vacuum Syringe, and exit. Carter places a tracker on Underwood and microphones on both, as she and Sousa monitor from a vehicle outside. Though initially surprised by the presence of Jack Thompson at the party, Underwood successfully gets the blood sample; however, instead of exiting, she takes a detour, removes her microphone, and hides in a closet to secretly witness a Council of Nine meeting.

The Council was called to an emergency meeting by Chadwick to decide what to do about the powers of Frost. After Frost demonstrates her powers to the Council on a rat, they reveal that their plan was to have her captured, but she kills her captors and breaks free of her bonds. She then kills half the Council, including Thomas Gloucester and her husband. Frost takes command of the remaining members, telling Mortimer Hayes to create a cover story for the deaths and Hugh Jones to give her access to all Roxxon Corporation facilities. In turn, she promises that those who remain loyal to her and follow her word will be rewarded with unimaginable power.

Underwood is astonished by what she has witnessed, but before she can escape, Vernon Masters discovers her and she engages in a fight with the two men accompanying him. Meanwhile, Carter and Sousa, the latter no longer dating Violet, grow closer, but their intimate moment is interrupted when a body lands on the roof of their van, knocking out their communications; Underwood threw her assailant out the window, killing him. Before Underwood can escape, she is knocked out by Thompson.

During her fight, Underwood dropped the syringe, but it is recovered by Jarvis before he is ushered out the MacArthur Grand Hotel. While Sousa, Carter, and Jarvis wonder where Underwood is, Underwood is placed in the trunk of a car, with Frost's approval.