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Danny is hospitalized and fitted with a special Rand leg brace to speed his healing. Misty learns that the police plan to steer clear of the Triad situation. Joy meets up with Mary and tells her that Walker does not want to "run away" from her, but is trying to protect her.

Mary decides to stop taking her pills and lets Walker take control, and records a video for her alternate. Davos offers training to Ryhno's gang, recruiting them as his army. Ward gets drunk and is confronted by Bethany, who then gives up on him. He secretly follows her to an NA meeting and learns that she is pregnant. Misty visits Mika, who allows her to take pictures of a scroll written in ancient Tibetan.

Danny reveals that it is the formula for the Iron Fist transfer, and plans to reclaim the Iron Fist from Davos once he has healed. Joy tries to get Davos to reveal where he left the bowl. Colleen reluctantly decides to help train Danny for his next fight, but they mutually decide to end their romantic relationship.