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Fisk is taken to a hotel that the FBI have seized, and is kept in the penthouse. News of his release from prison becomes public, prompting protests outside of the hotel and interest from reporters, including Karen who learns that the hotel had belonged to Neda's father Rostom, and that he sold it to a company that is represented by Fisk's lawyer Benjamin Donovan.

Foggy goes to district attorney Blake Tower to offer his help in returning Fisk to prison, but Tower is reluctant to go against the wishes of the FBI especially because he is running for re-election. Matt investigates the hotel, and begins to hallucinate Fisk as a "devil on his shoulder". Matt interrogates Donovan and learns of the situation with Vanessa.

He vows to stop Fisk and return him to prison, revealing to Foggy that he is alive but only to warn him and Karen to stay away from Fisk. During a routine psychological evaluation to determine his fitness for duty, Dex talks about the emotional support that he receives from his girlfriend Julie. However, she later appears to be someone that he is stalking.