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Fisk is reunited with Vanessa, who convinces Fisk to let her into the criminal side of his life. Without asking Fisk, Dex retrieves the painting from Falb and Vanessa notices some of her blood on the frame. Matt agrees to carry out Foggy's plan - working together as lawyers as they once had, they take Nadeem on as a client and organize with Tower to have Nadeem testify against Fisk in front of a grand jury.

Foggy also offers to withdraw from the race for district attorney, and they get Nadeem's family to safety. Meanwhile, Karen calls a press conference to announce what Nadeem is doing so the public is aware given that his testimony would be sealed. Matt and Foggy celebrate after the hearing, with Foggy hinting that he would like to continue working with Matt like this.

However, Fisk controls the jury and so the hearing has no effect. Nadeem is convinced that Fisk cannot win, and returns to his home. Fisk decides it would be better not to kill Nadeem now that he is a public figure, but Vanessa convinces him otherwise. They send Dex, who kills Nadeem.