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Fisk's intel leads to the arrest of the elusive Albanian syndicate's leaders, and Nadeem convinces his superiors to let him continue to work with Fisk despite his financial troubles making him a target for bribery. News of Fisk's cooperation with the FBI spreads fast, and in retaliation he is attacked in prison by a fellow inmate.

Nadeem agrees to move Fisk out of prison and into home detention, but their convoy is attacked by the Albanians on the way, and most of the FBI agents are killed. Fisk is saved by Agent "Dex" Poindexter, who has incredibly accurate shooting skills. Matt tracks down the attempted kidnappers and beats them, leaving them to be arrested.

Karen is assigned to report on the attempted kidnapping, which involved the well-known Neda Kazemi; after hearing about the death of Karen's brother Kevin, Neda opens up to Karen about the attack and leads Karen to believe that Matt is still alive. Foggy, who is considering leaving his well-paying lawyer job to help his brother Theo run the family business, disagrees that Matt could be alive.