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After being seriously injured when a building collapses on him while fighting as the vigilante "Daredevil",[N 1] Matt Murdock washes out of the New York City sewer system. A taxi driver finds Matt and gets him to Father Paul Lantom who entrusts Matt to the care of Sister Maggie at the Saint Agnes Orphanage, where Matt was raised.

As he slowly recovers, Matt has a crisis of faith and decides that he would rather put his life in danger and continue fighting as Daredevil than return to his civilian life. He begins training to fight again, and one night he tries to stop a kidnapping; he is beaten and almost caught by the police. Matt's friends, Karen Page and Foggy Nelson, start to lose hope that he may still be alive.

In prison, criminal Wilson Fisk decides to make a deal with the FBI to protect his love Vanessa Mariana, who can be charged as an accessory to his crimes. The case is assigned to Agent Ray Nadeem, who is struggling with being unable to receive a promotion due to financial troubles after he paid for his sister-in-law's cancer treatment.