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Dex has Nadeem take control of the church crime scene, and the FBI searches for Matt and Karen. They remain hidden with Maggie's help. The Justice Department drops all charges against Fisk, who announces his freedom to the public with a speech that proclaims Daredevil as the public's enemy.

With Vanessa on her way back to New York City, Fisk goes to retrieve the painting she gave him when they first met; it is in the possession of Esther Falb, a Holocaust survivor whose family were the original owners of the painting. Fisk decides to let her keep it. Foggy considers reading a statement apologizing to Fisk, until he is called by Matt to help them escape the church.

Foggy goes and surrenders Karen to the NYPD, which Nadeem allows, which distract the FBI long enough for Matt to escape as well. Matt, Foggy, and Karen plan their next moves against Fisk, and know they will need help. Later, Nadeem and his family are attacked by FBI agents loyal to Fisk. Matt helps Nadeem fight them off, and reveals his identity to him.