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Struggling with the fact that both Maggie and Lantom had been hiding the truth from him, Matt goes to an abandoned boxing club where his father used to fight. Manning threatens Foggy's family unless he publicly apologizes for speaking out against Fisk at the debate.

Karen decides to run from Fisk, and Maggie offers to help hide her. Nadeem tells his superiors about Dex and Fisk, but one, Tammy Hattley, kills the other and blackmails Nadeem into working for Fisk. She explains that Fisk had been manipulating Nadeem for the last year, and was behind the need for Nadeem to help pay for his sister-in-law's treatment.

Fisk has Nadeem and Dex quietly arrest several gang leaders across New York and bring them to a restaurant where Fisk offers to protect them from FBI charges in exchange for payment. Fisk has Nadeem tell Matt about this meeting, but Matt knows that this will be a trap and instead goes to the hotel to wait for Fisk. While there, he overhears FBI agents loyal to Fisk who have discovered that Karen is hiding at the church.