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After being presumed dead for 15 years, when his family were the victims of a plane crash in the Himalayas, Danny Rand returns to New York City and goes to Rand Enterprises to meet with Harold Meachum, the partner of Danny's now dead father Wendell. Danny is turned away by security, but is still able to reach Harold's children Ward and Joy in a display of martial arts.

The Meachums reveal that Harold has been dead for years, and do not believe that Danny is who he says he is. Danny is also turned down by Colleen Wing, who he wishes to work for at her newly opened dojo.

The Meachums believe that Danny's appearance is a ploy by their rivals to create a leadership struggle ahead of their planned expansion to China, and Ward hires mercenaries to attack Danny.

Wing witnesses him overpower them. Ward meets with a secretly alive Harold. Harold considers the possibility that Danny is alive, and orders Ward to leave the situation to him. Danny attempts to tell Joy about Ward's actions, but she drugs him and has him institutionalised.