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Davos and Joy continue to interrogate Walker. She assures them she will succeed in helping them against Danny. Joy learns about Walker's alternate personality, and that is was Mary who gave the photos to Danny.

Ward and Bethany spend a happy night together. Colleen and Danny meet with Mrs. Yang and discuss why the parley between Golden Tigers and Hatchets went wrong. Danny finds Mr. Yang in bed and spots evidence that Davos used a technique to induce a stroke.

Misty Knight drops by to tell Danny and Colleen that an undercover NYPD officer in the Golden Tigers was hurt by Danny in the fight after the failed parley. Danny realizes it was the NYPD moving in that spooked him at the parley. Davos opens the shipping container Mr. Yang was delivering, which contains the corpse of a long-dead Iron Fist. He cuts the dragon tattoo from the body and leaves.

Walker confronts Danny on a subway platform. She outmaneuvers him and injects him with a tranquilizer, then takes him to Davos. Three women (Crane Sisters) use the tattoo from the dead body, the copper bowl, and Danny's blood to ink a Serpent tattoo on Davos's back with steel pens, which transfers Danny's chi energy into Davos.