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Danny deduces that his father was going to Anzhou to shut down Gao's operations, but their plane was targeted by her on the way with the Hand poisoning the pilots. Danny, Wing, and Temple travel to Anzhou themselves, where they acquire information from a nearby beggar.

They infiltrate the Hand facility there as Gao arrives. Danny engages with the drunken Zhou Cheng, who has been training to fight the student of Lei Kung. Danny almost beats Cheng to death, until the intervention of Temple and Wing.

Gao and her men engage the trio, and Danny is able to use the power of the Iron Fist to best them and capture Gao. The board offers Ward and Joy a severance deal to help convince them to leave, and the desperate Ward attempts to accept it.

Joy refuses for the pair of them, and hires a private investigator to find evidence that she can use to blackmail the board members and allow them to stay on. Learning of this, Ward decides to tell Joy about Harold and takes her to the penthouse, but changes his mind due to the guilt of killing their father.