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The Hatchet Gang continues with its protection racket. Danny has an odd encounter with Mary, during which she visits his home and meets Colleen. Colleen tries to inspire Ryhno and his gang to turn away from crime, and makes a connection with one of the members, BB.

After Danny fails to convince Mr. Yang to end the war with the Golden Tigers, he and Colleen meet with Mr. Yang's wife and convince her to change her husband's mind. Ward learns that Joy is working with Davos.

Davos and Joy blackmail Joy's old friend Mika to acquire an ancient copper bowl. The next day, Davos cripples Mr. Yang after the Triad leader refuses Davos' money to bring in a mysterious shipment. In a recurring flashback to K'un-L'un, Davos and Danny fight to determine who will try for the power of Iron Fist.

Danny outwits Davos, prompting Davos' father Thunderer to declare Danny the winner before he is forced by the rules of the contest to kill Davos.