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Foggy assures Karen that she is still a good person after killing Wesley in self-defense. Dex confronts Fisk, who confirms that he was behind Julie's hiring at the hotel, and that he had intended to show Dex that life with Julie was not going to work; she wouldn't understand Dex, but Fisk does after killing his father while he was a boy. Matt visits Karen and asks for her help in finding Evans and using his testimony to stop Fisk.

Foggy organizes with Nadeem, who has now been promoted due to his work on the Fisk case outweighing his financial troubles, to meet them at the New York Bulletin where Karen works and is planning to interview Evans about Fisk's plans. In exchange for Nadeem considering Evans' testimony, Matt agrees to hand himself over in the hopes of clearing his name.

Distraught over Julie, Dex considers committing suicide, but is interrupted by Fisk who proposes an alternative; Dex instead goes to the Bulletin dressed as Daredevil, fights off Matt, and kills Evans before he can talk. Nadeem arrives in time to see Daredevil escaping.