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Misty interrogates Joy and Walker. She learns about the ritual that Davos used to steal the Iron Fist, including the copper bowl and the tattoo artists responsible, the Crane Sisters. She and Colleen visit the Crane Sisters at their parlor.

The Crane Sisters attack and attempt escape, but are defeated. The sisters agree to undo the ritual under threat of arrest. Walker frees herself from Misty's handcuffs and offers to lead Danny to Davos. Danny wants to talk Davos down, but Walker plans to kill him.

Chen Wu and Davos continue to hunt and kill Triad members. Davos notices Ryhno's gang and takes an interest in them. Joy and Ward try talking, but end up arguing over their ruined relationship and their father's instability. Danny and Walker find Davos, who invites Danny to join him.

Walker attacks when the talks break down, injecting a sedative into Davos. Before passing out, Davos breaks Danny's leg with the Iron Fist. Walker calls an ambulance for Danny, but is triggered by the rain to switch to Mary and leaves the scene, allowing Davos to recover and escape.