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Following Matt Murdock's apparently final wishes, Danny Rand protects the streets as Iron Fist. He fights to prevent a Triad war between the Golden Tigers and the Hatchets to fill the vacuum left by the Hand.

The Golden Tigers runs a protection racket, shaking down local business owners like restauranteur Henry Yip, while the Hatchets control the docks. Colleen Wing is doing volunteer work at the Bayard Community Center where she discovers a donated box that contains her family's crest and decides to search for the original owner.

Danny meets Mary, a quiet young woman who just moved to New York. Joy Meachum has decided to take a divestment from Rand Enterprises, which Danny supports but Joy's brother Ward is furious about.

Ward attends an NA meeting where he has begun a relationship with his sponsor, Bethany. Davos meets with Mr. Yang, the leader of the Hachet Gang, regarding the increased price of a shipment.

Joy has secretly teamed up with Davos as she feels resentment towards Danny and Ward about her father. Davos meets with Danny and voices his frustration about Danny gaining the Iron Fist and abandoning K'un-L'un. Danny and Colleen investigate the box and end up fighting a young gang led by Ryhno.