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Danny takes Gao to Wing's dojo, where Temple suggests they use truth serum to force her to talk. Danny steals some from Rand Enterprises, and Gao begins to talk about Danny's parents before revealing that she is lying and that she can resist the influence of the truth serum.

Wing reveals to the others that she was poisoned in Anzhou, and contacts her mentor Bakuto. Gao's operatives attack the dojo, but are defeated, and Bakuto soon arrives. He teaches Danny how to use the power of the Iron Fist to heal Wing, before taking Wing, Danny, and Gao away.

Meanwhile, Harold reawakens from death and over several hours regains relatively normal mental functions. He finds Ward at the penthouse and feigns absolution. Ward learns from Yang that those revived by the Hand become more psychotic after each revival and attack those closest to them first.

Harold kills his assistant Kyle and places heroin in Ward's car to frame him. Ward is given to the care of Edmonds at the psychiatric hospital, while Joy reunites with Harold at the penthouse.