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When Fisk learns that Matt escaped from the taxi, he tells the FBI that he has a criminal fixer named Matt Murdock. Karen confronts Fisk's actual fixer, Manning, but he threatens her with his knowledge of her family, including her brother's death. Nadeem questions both Karen and Foggy about Matt, and both try to direct him towards Fisk and his crimes.

Fisk reviews a file from Manning on Dex, and learns that he used his skillful aim to kill his baseball coach as a child. He was taught to be more empathetic through therapy as he grew up, but appeared to use it as a cover for his psychopathic tendencies such as the time he worked for a suicide prevention hotline and encouraged a caller to murder someone else rather than themselves.

It was there that he started working with Julie and fell for her, and now he finds her working at the hotel but accidentally reveals that he has been stalking her. Fisk sees the potential for Dex to become a villain that the public can focus on rather than himself. Karen reveals to Foggy that she killed James Wesley.