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A new synthetic heroin appears in New York, which Danny connects to the Hand. After a chemical factory owned by Rand Enterprises is linked to cancer, Danny personally apologizes to an aggrieved citizen and is recorded by a lawyer who distributes it to the media.

In a board meeting that Danny is absent from, Ward convinces the shareholders to stand against the accusations instead of accepting responsibility. However, the anxiety of being always watched by Harold causes Ward to try the new heroin.

Danny convinces Wing to help him infiltrate the pier, where they find containers apparently loaded with normal supplies. He discovers a hidden room inside one housing Radovan, the chemist who created the heroin while the Hand held his daughter hostage.

Danny fights off a guard to free Radovan, but the latter is stabbed by the guard. At Wing's dojo, student Claire Temple is able to provide aid as a former nurse with experience working alongside powered heroes.

Wing vows to help Danny defeat the Hand, while Gao kills the guard for failing.