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Nadeem realizes that Dex is the attacker. Dex attempts to reconcile with Julie, believing that he needs her to replace his therapist who died when he was younger. She reluctantly agrees to start talking with him, but Fisk later has her killed.

Believing that Julie has abandoned him, Dex continues to mentally deteriorate. Matt and Nadeem break into Dex's apartment but cannot find proof that he was the attacker, only some recordings of his therapy sessions which reveal his psycopathic tendencies. Dex arrives home and catches them, injuring Nadeem but not being able to stop the two from escaping.

Foggy thinks that he can prove Fisk is still working as a criminal, and that this will get him sent back to prison; he decides to raise these points in a debate with Tower and let Karen write about it, but instead she goes to confront Fisk. She reveals that she knows he killed his father, and that she had killed Wesley, while accidentally confirming that Matt is Daredevil. Matt later overhears Sister Maggie praying about the fact that she is his mother.