The Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry was a conflict between Spider-Man, Vulture, Mac Gargan, and FBI that began when the web-slinger attempted to hijack an illegal arms deal between Gargan and Adrian Toomes' Crew.


Aaron Davis was walking towards his car with his groceries. As he prepared to close his car's boot, his hand was webbed to the trunk. Davis looked up in surprise to see Spider-Man advancing towards him with his voice amplified.

Davis, having heard Spider-Man's voice on the bridge, wasn't intimidated and started teasing Spider-Man on whether he was a girl or a boy, causing Spider-Man to become flustered and disable the amplifier.

Spider-Man asked Davis where the arms dealers were, only for Davis to tell him that he did not know where the Vulture or his crew were. He confessed to Spider-Man where the Vulture's next arms deal will be.

Spider-Man thanks him and runs off, only for Davis to remind him that he had not given him a location. After elaborating Spider-Man's lackluster interrogation skills, he told Spider-Man that the deal would be happening on the Staten Island Ferry at eleven o'clock. Spider-Man runs off leaving Davis webbed to the trunk of his car.