The Attack on the Damage Control Truck was a failed attempt by Vulture and his associates to steal advanced weaponry from the Department of Damage Control.


After recovering a discarded Chitauri weapon left behind after the Chase of Adrian Toomes' Crew, Peter Parker took the weapon to his shop class at school the next day, using a hammer to destroy the weapon, leaving just the pure core.

However, hitting the core emitted a pulse, which was picked by Randy Vale and Herman Schultz. Tasked by Adrian Toomes to recover the lost weapon, Vale and Schultz made their way to Midtown School of Science and Technology, curious as to why the weapon was at a high school.

Remembering Schultz as the man who tried to shoot him before, Parker warned best friend Ned Leeds about the intruders and manages to stealthily place a Spider-Tracer on Schultz.

After school, Parker and Leeds returned to the Parker Residence, where Leeds used the Web-Shooters, which displayed the Tracer's location, to track Schultz. Staying the night, Leeds notified Parker that Schultz had stopped moving and was in Maryland, which Parker believed to be the location of their lair.

However, when Leeds mentioned that Maryland was far away from New York City, Parker responded that it was not that far from Washington, D.C., the location of the Academic Decathlon National Championship, and thus rejoined the team in order to get to Maryland.

After arriving in Washington, the students were set up at a motel, with Parker and Leeds sharing a room. As Happy Hogan had tracked Parker's location to Washington through the Spider-Man Suit, with Parker explaining that the decathlon was in Washington, Parker decided to remove the suit's tracker in order to prevent Hogan from discovering that he was headed to Maryland.

However, while going through the suit's features, Leeds discovered that the suit had multiple hidden capabilities, which were being blocked by the Training Wheels Protocol. Angered that Tony Stark had placed "training wheels" on him, Parker asked Leeds to remove the safeguards, thereby activating the suit's fullest capabilities.

As the other students, including his romantic interest Liz, headed to the motel's pool, Parker donned the suit and swung to Maryland.

With his Spider-Tracer still on Schultz, Spider-Man tracked their location to an empty gas station. While trying to observe their actions, he was surprised when a voice greeted him, revealed to be none other than an A.I. system embedded within his suit.

Referring to the A.I. as Suit Lady, Parker questioned how he could eavesdrop on the crooks without them noticing, to which she responded by activating an advanced reconnaissance mode, which allowed him to overhear them discussing the Battle at the Triskelion.

Deciding to handle the goons, Spider-Man prepared to sneak up on them, with Suit Lady offering to activate the suit's enhanced combat mode. Initially enthusiastic, Spider-Man was stunned to discover that his suit had an Instant-Kill option and told Suit Lady to deactivate it, as he did not wish to kill anyone.

Spider-Man then tried shooting a web to get on top of the gas bar, but ended up firing rapid web balls. Suit Lady notified him that the rapid fire setting was a default setting on enhanced combat mode, and alerted him that he had a total of 576 different web-shooter combinations.

Spider-Man picked what he believed what his default setting, but ended up firing a taser web, which lit up the gas station. Desperate to remain incognito and not wanting to miss his window of opportunity, Spider-Man told Suit Lady to choose a setting for him.

Just then, Phineas Mason received a dispatch from the crew's base and replied that they were on schedule, after which Vulture appeared over the dark, night sky, ready to begin the heist.