The Battle at Stark Expo, dubbed the Stark Expo Incident by Stark Industries CEO Pepper Potts, was the second and final confrontation between Iron Man and Whiplash.


At Stark Expo, Justin Hammer unveiled his new military drones, captained by James Rhodes in a heavily-weaponized version of the confiscated Mark II armor. Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that Whiplash has complete control of both the drones and Rhodes' new armor, and Stark arrived just as they went on the attack.

Stark took to the skies to get the fight away from the Expo. Rhodes and the Air Force Drones chased Stark while the Army and Navy Drones bombarded him from the ground. Stark was able to destroy all of Drones chasing him, including one which he saved Peter Parker from, but was attacked by Rhodes and the two careened into the Oracle Dome.

The two armored allies got back on their feet and were surrounded by the remaining Drones. Taking out several Drones with small arms fire and hand to hand techniques, Stark used a laser in his wrist to take out the remaining Drones.

Vanko arrived and Rhodes tried to fire the Ex-Wife Missile at him, but it was a dud. The two attacked Vanko, but he used his whips to subdue them both. Stark told Rhodes to fire their repulsors at each other at the same time, causing a massive explosion that took Vanko down.

Stark and Rhodes approached Vanko, who laughed and told them "You lose". Stark realized that his armor and the Hammer Drones were equipped with self-destruct charges. As they began to go off, Stark raced to save Pepper Potts, rescuing her at the last minute and taking her to a nearby rooftop.