Battle in the Grand Canal

The Battle in the Grand Canal was the third Elemental Attack feigned by Quentin Beck, taking place in Venice.

Utilizing the Stark Industries Combat Drones, Beck wreaked havoc across Venice, making it appear as if the Water Elemental, Hydro-Man was usurping the city's major water traffic corridor to create various floods. Spider-Man, who was on a school trip in Venice, attempted to fight off the Elemental, but to little success until Beck arrived, successfully dismantling it.


Quentin Beck's Crew had planned to use the Water Elemental they arranged for cloaked drones along a predetermined path. And by continuing to deceive "Nick Fury", Beck would be able to inch closer to the E.D.I.T.H. glasses.

Following Parker's arrival with his class in Venice, he had initially planned a romantic gesture for his classmate and crush, Michelle Jones. Upon arriving on the street of the Grand Canal, Parker and Jones both noticed the water receding; but while Jones was fascinated, Parker sensed a danger on approach.


Upon the eruption of water, the gondola carrying Leeds and Brant was rocked and sent charging into a doorway. Parker helped his friends up, all while the creature roared as it rampaged. Parker directed his panicked friends to the main bridge to evacuate, as Leeds quickly asked his super-friend's next course of action. Having little option, Parker planned to distract the monster, but having left his Spider-Man Suit at the hotel - as he was on vacation - Parker begged his friend to lead the civilians, including the tour group, away from the Canal. Leeds complied, leading Brant and Jones to the main bridge.

As the Hydro-Man rampaged, Parker equipped his web-shooters to fire a web-restraint, but Hydro-Man's fluidic form just absorbed the shot. Parker then saw the creature's movement toward the bridge, and raced over canal posts to reach the citizens on the apex of the bridge. He helped a tripped bystander flee, but was the last one on the bridge to take the torrent of Hydro-Man's fist, knocking him back against the railing. Upon seeing the Water Elemental arise from the canal water, green smoke blasts originated from above and appeared to damage the creature.

Lookin up and behind himself, Parker saw a man in flight projecting plumes of green smoke in his wake. This was Beck before Parker knew him, and his arrival came by surprise. Beck began to combat the Hydro-Man, but his shielding abilities were still not strong enough to keep the creature at bay. Parker, finding a festival mask, wears it over his face and climbs to the top of the bridge overhead and alerted Beck to being of help. So Beck tells Parker he will lure it out of the water, and Parker follows preventing too much property damage or debris from hurting civilians below.

As Mysterio lured the Hydro-Man to the town square, many onlookers were recording with their devices. Reaching an open area in town, the chase ended in full view of Parker's classmates and other people in the crowd. Meanwhile, Parker was using web-lines to prevent the overhead clocktower from falling over, as Mysterio dramatically battled and used a spell to tear asunder the Hydro-Man. He then landed for a moment to let the crowd take a good look at him, and he then flew away. Parker at that time was able to secure the clocktower and prevent anymore destruction, and takes his leave by a hidden path to the hotel.