The Battle of Greenwich was the final battle of the Second Dark Elf Conflict. Taking place on Earth at the Old Royal Naval College in the Greenwich borough of London, the engagement was fought by Thor and his human allies against Malekith and his cohorts.


In 2013, the Convergence occurred once again, and Jane Foster unintentionally discovered the Aether's hiding place after being warped to its location by one of the portals created by the event. Thor took her to Asgard for treatment, but the Dark Elves, having been alerted to the Aether's awakening, attacked the realm, resulting in the death of Frigga.

Intending to avenge his mother, Thor formulated a plan where he and Foster travelled to Svartalfheim with aid from Thor's war criminal brother, Loki. Malekith and his minions followed them there, where Malekith took the Aether from her.

While Loki was presumably killed by Malekith's cohort, Kurse, Thor and Foster returned to Earth via another portal, where they met with Foster's friends and co-workers, Darcy Lewis, Erik Selvig, and Ian Boothby.

Together, the five realised that Malekith intended to repeat his actions from millennia before, and, using a map left by early Human civilisations pinpointing the peak of the Convergence, confronted him in Greenwich.