Battle of Gulmira Between Iron Man and Ten Rings

The Battle of Gulmira was an open confrontation between Iron Man and the Ten Rings.


After being kidnapped and taken prisoner for three months, Tony Stark, with the help of Ho Yinsen, freed himself from the Ten Rings by building the first Iron Man armor. Ho Yinsen, a fellow captive and native of Gulmira whom Stark got to know and befriend, died in the escape.


In Gulmira, the Ten Rings captured all able-bodied men to be conscripted into their organization. One man attempted to go back to his son and Abu Bakaar ordered one of his men to kill him. Before the terrorist could pull the trigger, Iron Man arrived and took him and several other terrorists out with his repulsors.

Five other terrorists used civilians as human shields and Stark used his shoulder mounted gun to kill them at once. Bakar hid in a building and attempted to call for backup. Stark punched through the wall and pulled Bakaar through it and into the street. He left him for the villagers to deal with and took off.