The Battle on the Norco was a confrontation that pitted Iron Man and War Machine, who infiltrated the impounded tanker Norco in an attempt to rescue Pepper Potts and Matthew Ellis, against Aldrich Killian.


Tony Stark was assumed dead after his house was destroyed with him inside, but he escaped and managed to fly to Rose Hill, Tennessee. After being attacked by and killing Ellen Brandt, Stark went to Miami, Florida to Aldrich Killian's Mansion. Stark was captured by Aldrich Killian and forced to watch him kill Maya Hansen before escaping.

Aldrich Killian managed to get James Rhodes out of his Iron Patriot armor and ordered Eric Savin to use it to kidnap President Matthew Ellis. Killian was also holding Pepper Potts who was injected with Extremis.

The President was hung by his hands in the Iron Patriot Armor over a trap where, if he fell, would explode and kill him. Tony Stark and James Rhodes got to the drill, armed only with pistols.

Killian chose the freighter Norco to assassinate the President because he wanted a place that was politically linked to Ellis and could be justified by the Mandarin.