The Chase of Adrian Toomes' Crew was an open confrontation between Spider-Man and Adrian Toomes' Crew that began when the web-slinger interrupted an arms deal between local gangster Aaron Davis and the duo of Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz.


After his livelihood had been taken away from him by the Department of Damage Control, Adrian Toomes, in his desire to provide and care for his family financially, set up a minor criminal empire that involved stealing high-tech weapons from the Damage Control trucks, modifying them with human technology and selling them on the black market for profit.

Armed with an exo-suit that main engineer Phineas Masonhad created using Chitauri technology, as well as a Matter Phase Shifter that made solid surfaces intangible, Toomes stole Chitauri, Dark Elf and Ultron tech and placed former salvage employees Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz in charge of selling them.

While Schultz was more reserved and understood the importance of staying below the government's radar in order for their business to strive, his partner Brice developed a habit of giving potential buyers demonstrations of the weapons they were selling, firing weapons publicly as well as wearing a modified gauntlet to destroy cars while calling himself the Shocker, a habit Toomes likened to being akin to a professional wrestling performance.

Interested in acquiring these new weapons, a criminal named Prowler met with Shocker and Schultz under an overpass in Queens, wishing to purchase something minor to commit robberies as well as technology that would help him climb surfaces.

The three men were unaware that their sale was being observed in secret by Spider-Man, who wished to follow the arms dealers back to their headquarters. However, after Spider-Man receives a phone call from his best friend Ned Leeds, which Schultz hears, he suspects Prowler of being complicit to a sting operation and pulls out his gun, intending to kill him.

Not wanting to allow another man to die because of him, Spider-Man leaps down and lets his presence be known, asking Schultz to shoot at him instead, which Schultz agrees to.