The Destruction of the Chinese Theatre was an event disguised as a terrorist attack that caused Tony Stark to become personally involved with the hunt for the Mandarin.


In 2012, the Mandarin and his organisation the Ten Rings claimed responsibility for a bombing that decimated an area of the United States. Immediately afterwards, the Ten Rings bombed four other areas over the course of eighty weeks, one of those areas being the Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait.

By December 2012, the bombing attacks had whipped the world into a frenzy, with the public in a state of mass panic and the international community bewildered by the total lack of forensic evidence.

Around the same time, Stark Industries CEO Pepper Potts was approached by former love interest Aldrich Killian, who had founded a privately funded think-tank and developed a regenerative treatment known as Extremis.

Suspecting that Killian had something to hide, Happy Hogan discreetly followed the scientist's bodyguard Eric Savin to Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, where he had arranged a meeting with former United States Army soldier Jack Taggart.