The Duel in the Sakaaran Arena was a gladiatorial fight between Thor and Hulk.


Thor was taken through a tunnel and introduced by the Grandmaster. He begins to panic when the tunnel ends and he was jolted into a meeting with the Elder himself was an eccentric man in colorful clothing, with an assistant beside him.

Thor is reunited with Loki, who reveals that he has been on Sakaar for weeks. He distances himself from Thor so as to maintain favor with the Grandmaster. Thor was thrown into the slave quarters, where he met two of the slave gladiators - Korg, a Kronan, and Miek, an insect alien with knives for hands.

Korg introduced himself, and talks to him about the revolution he tried to start, and the Grandmaster's champion. Before the fight, Loki who is revealed to be using an illusion when Thor throws rocks at him, he proposes he and Thor could rule side by side after he gains enough trust to take control of Sakaar,

Thor rejects this offer and is angry at Loki. Towards the end of the discussion, Thor throws a liquor bottle at him to which Korg tries to get rid of him.

Thor was taken by the Grandmaster's followers to have his hair cut for the arena. The haircut was performed by the Watcher Informant.