The Escape from Sakaar was an attempt by the Revengersto flee the planet Sakaar and return to Asgard in order to confront Hela.


After finding out she was one of the Valkyries, Loki makes Valkyrie recall her fight with Hela. She retaliates, fighting and subsequently knocking out the God of Mischief. 

Thor asks Bruce Banner to help him fight his sister, Hela, but he refuses, scared of being taken over by the Hulk completely and feeling reluctant to get involved in what he feels is a "family issue". However, he agrees to accompany Thor off Sakaar.

Valkyrie finds them and agrees to help, to get revenge on Hela, and Thor names the team "the Revengers". As they prepare, Thor finds her Dragonfang, and warns them not to trust Loki, telling a story of how Loki once turned into a snake to play a trick on him.

Loki, not wanting to remain stuck on Sakaar, tells Thor he has the Grandmaster's security codes which will give him control over his systems. Thor sends Valkyrie to deactivate the Control Disks so the slaves can help steal the Grandmaster's ship.