The Escape from the Eclector was an escape attempt and attack orchestrated by Yondu Udonta in order to exact retribution against the Ravagers who mutinied against him and took Rocket Raccoon and Groot prisoner.


Yondu Udonta and Rocket had been locked up by Taserface and his Ravagers, while Yondu's loyal men were killed by being dumped out the airlock of the Eclector. Groot was spared, but humiliated by Taserface's men.

Yondu and Rocket later tried to get Baby Groot to retrieve Yaka Arrow Controller, but Baby Groot could not understand, bringing useless items like Yondu's underwear and a large desk.

Eventually, Kraglin Obfonteri assisted Groot in retrieving the controller and freed Yondu, who forgave Kraglin and told him to prepare the Quadrant for escape.