The Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane was an attempt by Vulture to take control of a transport aircraft and steal several advanced weapons from the Department of Damage Controland Tony Stark.


After the Attack on the Damage Control Truck, Toomes was still fuming over the failure to acquire any new materials. He took Phineas Mason up on his previous offer to build a high-altitude vacuum seal so they could pull off an airborne heist against the Stark Cargo Plane loading equipment from Avengers Tower.

Toomes turned Mason down, asking if they still had enough technology to sell on the Staten Island Ferry in a few days which Mason confirmed. Toomes began muttering that it was all Spider-Man's fault and he would kill him for interfering with his business.

Overhearing, Herman Schultz told Toomes to look at the television, which was broadcasting the Rescue at the Washington Monument, including Spider-Man saving Toomes' daughter, Liz.

After the Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry between Spider-Man, the FBI was started to investigate which made Vulture and Shocker flew away, leaving Spider-Man to deal with the damaged ferry.

After Iron Man showed up to repair the ferry and save the passengers, Schultz decided to leave the crew, as he feared their time was up now that they were on Iron Man's radar.

However, Toomes asked Mason if he could get the high-altitude vacuum seal up and running in time and asked Schultz if he was ready to have one last score, which involved stealing from Tony Stark, and Schultz agreed to help.