The Incoronation of Erik Killmonger was a duel called upon by Erik Killmonger in an attempt to challenge T'Challa for the title of King of Wakanda.


Erik Stevens was raised in the United States by his father N'Jobu in Oakland, who promised him that he will see Wakanda one day. One day, Erik was playing basketball with friends until he saw a Royal Talon Flyer above the apartment. Going inside the complex, he found his father dead with panther claws in his chest. Erik cradled his father in tears before getting his father's diary and reading it in detail.

Erik grew up in poverty and read oppression on African-Americans. Wanting to make his father's dream on Wakanda becoming dominant, he decided to avenge his father and take what was his.

At a young age, Erik joined Annapolis and graduated at age nineteen, then went to MIT for grad school. Afterwards, Stevens joined the United States Navy SEAL to a JSOC ghost unit, becoming a mercenary who gained the nickname Killmonger for his savagery.

In 2016, Killmonger made a deal with Ulysses Klaue, who found a Vibranium Warhammer in the Museum of Great Britain. The robbery was a success, but Klaue was captured by T'Challa after his fail attempt to sell the virbranium to Agent Everett Ross in South Korea.

Realising this, Erik rescued Klaue from T'Challa, Okoye, Nakia, and Ross.