Kidnapping of Tony Stark by Ten Rings

The Kidnapping of Tony Stark was a successful attempt by the Ten Rings to abduct Tony Stark, who was in Afghanistan for the test launch of the new Jericho missile.


Obadiah Stane had been selling Stark Industries weapons to the Ten Rings under the table for some time. Wanting to takeover Stark Industries, Stane hired the Ten Rings to kill Stark Industries CEO Tony Stark. Stark had been testing his Jericho missile for the United States Air Force in Afghanistan. After a successful test, he traveled back to Bagram Air Base in a Humvee convoy.


During the trip, the Humvee in front of them was destroyed by the Ten Rings. The soldiers that were guarding Tony Stark, Jimmy, Pratt, and Ramirez, were killed as they exited the Humvee. Stark attempted to flee but was nearly killed by a missile that his company manufactured. The missile threw several pieces of shrapnel into Stark's chest, only centimeters away from his heart. The terrorists grabbed Stark and fled the area.