The Liberation of Allied Prisoners of War was the first war action of Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, who infiltrated the weapons facility run by HYDRA behind the German lines.

He successfully liberated four hundred soldiers, becoming a war hero as a result. He also confronted his greatest enemy, Johann Schmidt, the infamous Red Skull, for the first time. The battle took place during World War II.


After the assassination of Dr. Abraham Erskine at the hands of Heinz Kruger, the formula for the Super Soldier Serum was lost. Steve Rogers was now the only American super soldier, and it was believed he alone was not enough to help the Allies win World War II.

Instead, his commanders decided he would tour the nation in a colourful costume as "Captain America" to promote War Bonds rather than be confined to a lab while scientists attempted to rediscover Erskine's formula.

The USO show was very successful in the USA. Because of his colorful costume, Rogers became known as the "Star Spangled Man", promotional war movies with him as the main star were made, and even the comic books showing him punching Adolf Hitler were published.

In November 1943, while performing shows for active servicemen in Italy, Rogers was met with derision from soldiers who had actually been through months of gruelling combat. Rogers left the stage and had a talk with Peggy Carter, Colonel Chester Phillips' secretary.

When Rogers learned from her that the combat unit of his friend Bucky Barnes, the 107th Infantry Regiment, was lost in battle against HYDRA, the Nazi division commanded by Johann Schmidt, the man who ordered Erskine's assassination, he asked Phillips to organise a rescue mission.

However, Phillips refused, because he would lose more men than he would save. The weapons facility where Bucky's unit was imprisoned was located in Austria, halfway between Kitzbühel and Klagenfurt, dozens of miles behind the German lines.

Not satisfied with Colonel Chester Phillips' response, Steve Rogers decided to do something on his own. After a quick talk, Peggy Carter decided to help him. That night, they joined the industrialist Howard Stark, a man whom Phillips wouldn't dare to punish for disobeying his orders, and he flew them in his plane behind the German lines.

In order to ensure his identity was masked, he also borrowed a helmet from one of the showgirls at the USO tour. When they approached the borderlines of no man's zone, the German air defense opened fire on the plane, and Rogers jumped out of the plane, parachuting himself to the ground.