The Rescue at the Washington Monument, dubbed the Attack at the Washington Monument by the media, was an attempt by Spider-Man to save both his classmates and his teacher from a damaged elevator in the Washington Monument.


Successfully managing to prevent Vulture from stealing a bag of high-tech equipment from a Damage Control truck, Spider-Man accidentally knocked himself unconscious and was trapped within the truck. Waking up hours later in Damage Control's Deep Storage Vault in Washington, D.C., Spider-Man was notified by Karen that the timer lock for the doors would not be opened for a few hours.

Forced to kill time, Spider-Man decided to explore all the artifacts in the vault, beginning with the items that Vulture had placed in the bag. After pulling out a few items, including an Ultron head, he came across a Chitauri Energy Core, which he recognised as he had picked one up from the streets following the Chase of Adrian Toomes' Crew.

However, he was stunned when Karen revealed to him that the core was explosive. Realising that his best friend Ned Leeds, who was carrying the core on his person, was in mortal danger, Spider-Man had Karen lower the voltage on the timer and ran through over 250 different numeric sequences before finally getting the right code.

With the doors open, Spider-Man sneaked out of the building and had Karen plot out the fastest direction to the Washington Monument.

As Spider-Man arrived the base of the monument, the energy core in Leeds' backpack exploded, severely damaging the elevator's structural support system.