The Rescue of Tony Stark was a rescue mission executed by Captain Marvel that resulted in Stark and Nebula being transported to Earth.

After the Decimation, Tony Stark and Nebula resorted to the Benatar in hopes of returning to Earth and reuniting with the Avengers. The Benatar only had a few supplies left since Stark and Nebula had been on the ship for more than twenty days. Emaciated from lack of food and water Stark recorded a message using his helmet for Pepper Potts explaining that he'll miss her in case he died in space. Afterwards, Stark drifted off to sleep as Nebula sympathized for him.

Shortly after Tony Stark fell asleep, he awakened by a blinding light emitted from Captain Marvel. After Captain Marvel found Stark and Nebula's ship, she brought it back to the New Avengers Facility on Earth. Over in the middle of the field, Stark exited out of the ship and was reunited with Steve Rogers, Pepper Potts, and the rest of the Avengers while Nebula sat with Rocket Raccoon on the Benatar.